Episode 12: Millenniemmas

The millennials are so excited about this week's episode they're straight-up making up new words. Alexa and Chloe answer burning questions in this new segment! Have a millennial dilemma? Email us at targetdemopodcast@gmail.com and you may feature in a future episode!

Millenniemma 1: Should you tip your ridesharing driver? Uber says no. Lyft allows you to in the app. The millennials disagree heartily

Millenniemma 2: Is ghosting ok? Probably not, but you can always take some Tylenol to feel better if it happens to you, according to Psychology Today

(Or don't, because it's really a placebo).

Millenniemma 3: What to do if you don't have (refuse to sign up for) Venmo or other payment apps? Tune in to find out!

BONUS ARTICLE: Millennials now have their very own piercing to claim.