Episode 38: Life in a Box

This week Alexa and Chloe put their future podcast sponsorship opportunities at risk. They talk about subscription boxes, from the mega-popular Blue Apron to the lesser known Meowbox. In Human Interactions, Chloe reports from flooded streets, and Alexa learns about the perils of being a Lyft driver. 

Episode 35: Vroom Vroom

The millennials talk this week about how their generation is both ruining and improving transportation, golf carts, and how Uber is potentially a giant bubble (IT'S NOT PROFITABLE!!).

Episode 34: Nostalgic Movie Reboots

IT'S SO GOOD TO BE BACK! After some unexpected technical difficulties, the millennials are thrilled to be back on the air and in your ears. To celebrate, Chloe and Alexa discuss movies manufactured to appeal to millennials. The conversation veers off the beaten path as the hosts share strong opinions about Ghostbusters, Shia Labeouf and Tom Cruise. 

Episode 33: #DogMedia

The millennials discuss the language of doggos and puppers. They also explore they're deep fascination with We Rate Dogs, famous Instagram pooches and the banal entertainment of the Dodo. 

Technical difficulties...

Hi Target Demo lovers, listeners and haters--

On Monday, June 12, Alexa looked at our podcast feed and noticed that something was wrong. All 32 of the previous episodes in the feed had disappeared, and the name "Target Demo" had been removed.

It's unclear at this point exactly what has happened, but the Millennials are working with both Squarespace and iTunes to pinpoint the problem and fix it. That means it may affect our regular release schedule and delay the episode we would have normally put out on Wednesday, June 14.

In the mean time, don't unsubscribe from the random, new podcast you have in your feed. (Right now it's called "Super Secret Film Blog" for some reason, but that's us! We promise!) 

We'll update as soon as we make some progress.

<3 -- Alexa & Chloe


Episode 31: It's delivery (not Digiorno)

This week, the millennials talk delivery services, for groceries and prepared food. Alexa votes for a future completely run by robots and Chloe has some trouble guessing what stoners are ordering on 4/20. 

Plus: are there just too many delivery services

In human interactions: Alexa makes some new single-serving friends, and Chloe witnesses some craziness during Myrtle Beach Bike Week.


Episode 30: Robot Servants

Target Demo turns 30! The 30th episode means the podcast is officially a millennial too! Chloe and Alexa explore the strange world of robot servants a.k.a virtual assistants a.k.a. disembodied female voices like Siri, Alexa, Google Now and more. There is some serious Alexa vs. Alexa conflict. In human interactions, Alexa defends D.C. and Chloe defends the millennial generation at work. 

Episode 28: Show me the money

This week, the millennials discuss money--fun trends (people who live off airline miles), sad trends (the fact that we're all slaves to student debt), and weird trends (WTF, fabric softener?). Stay tuned for human interactions, this week featuring a split-personality waiter and a real-life explosion.

Episode 27: Millennial Vacations

Even though they are part of a generation of "work martyrs" who apparently hate taking breaks, the millennials talk about vacations in this week's episode. Alexa and Chloe explore unusual millennial travel trends, like Yelp reviews and food destinations. On the way, the girls discuss sharks, "Chef's Table", and Disney princesses. Chloe gets trapped by beer and yoga pants in her human interaction. Alexa realizes that "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" holds up terribly as an adult. 

Episode 26: Roommates...

The girls tackle a common circumstance of modern millennial life -- living with a roommate. Rather than fully deal with the economic and social structures than make roommates necessary, Chloe and Alexa joke about LaCroix, Honest Tea and a coven of Rachels terrorizing Manhattan. As always, they also reminisce about human interactions. 

Episode 25: Millennial Satire

The millennials take a moment to make fun of their generation this episode as they talk about satire about millennials, for millennials, and some things we just missed when we watched The Princess Bride as children (oops).

**SIDE NOTE*** This episode was recorded on Sunday, Feb. 19. In the intervening time, West Elm has taken the Peggy off its website!! 

Here's the article the millennials discuss: Why does this couch from West Elm suck so much?

And, for your viewing pleasure: 

Episode 24: How to adult when the world is burning

This episode, Alexa and Chloe offer lots of advice to suggest that they know what they're doing. (Nobody really knows what they're doing in 2017 anyway, so the millennials pretend they do.) Listen for the importance of credit card miles, to do lists and therapy. Plus: Dave Chappelle and single-serving friends.

Want to read more?

"A Beginner's Guide to Starting Therapy," BuzzFeed

"Kindly Shut the Hell Up About 'Adulting,'" Cosmopolitan

"Why Do All the Men I Date Want Me to Be Their Sex Mom?" Nylon

Episode 23: CoffeeCoffeeCoffee

Coffee -- the magical elixir that keeps millennials alive. Chloe and Alexa justify their life choices to drink as much black coffee as humanly possible. Their love for coffee is bottomless, even as economists and health journalists shame the generation for its expensive caffeine addiction. The girls wrap up the episode with New Years human interactions and remind everyone of the most fun holiday of the year -- #BurritoBurritoDay (January 13)!  

Episode 22: Good Riddance 2016

Yes, we know, just about everybody and their mother is in your feed with a "year in review" pod, but the millennials are here anyway to talk podcasts, memes, and how our generation ruins everything. Stick around for the end when Chloe gets embarrassed by her local bag boy and Alexa gets classy at an office party. GOOD RIDDANCE 2016.

As we all limp toward the finish line, lets look back at some of the nicer parts of 2016, including Evil Kermit!!

Hello, World!

Episode 21: Gilmore Girls Redux

What do you get when you add beloved female characters plus time plus absurd plot choices? Two aggravated podcast hosts. Thanks to Netflix, Chloe and Alexa return to the magical town of Stars Hollow, home of the Gilmore Girls.

The reboot of the television series has the girls wondering if Rory was ever a great millennial role model after all. And they consider which nostalgic television reboots they would -- and would NOT -- recommend from their childhoods. 

"Gilmore Girls" think pieces that informed the episode: 


Gilmore Girls: A Millennial Story Come Full Circle

In The New 'Gilmore Girls,' Rory Gilmore Turns Out To Be A Bad Journalist

My Life with Rory Gilmore

Gilmore Girls’ final words change everything we believe about Rory and Stars Hollow