Episode 17: Survivor- Millennials vs. Gen-X

SPOILER ALERT: Chloe and Alexa review the first episode of "Survivor Season 33: Millennials vs. Gen-X." Steeped in cyclones and stereotypes, the show pits two "tribes" against each other to answer a question that no one really asked: which generation reigns supreme? 

The girls dig into "Survivor" tropes and memorable quotes. Like did you know millennials love milk from drones? Stick around for human interactions as always! 

Episode 16: What's up WhatsApp?

The Millennials travel through the storied history of messaging apps. Remember emo AIM accounts? Remember keyboards on your phone? Remember when Facebook didn't own all of your personal information and most of your soul? Chloe and Alexa sure do! 

Stick around for human interactions where the hosts try to figure out how to throw an office party in their honor without landing a husband or a baby. ALSO, follow the newest and furriest member of the Target Demo family on Instagram - iggydafrenchie!


Kik memes are real - 





This week, Chloe and Alexa are SO excited to welcome Mark Lieberman, AKA Mr. TV. Mark is a reporter and blogger who can be found at his personal blog, in various news outlets, and IN YOUR EARS on his own podcast, The M&M Report.

Mark and the Millennials discuss live TV, what went wrong in the telecast of the Rio Olympics, why the presidential campaign makes us want to drink, and Alexa's favorite thing ever, live TV musicals. 


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Episode 13: Millennial Hobbies

This week Alexa and Chloe answer a troubling millenniemma about confronting a superior in the office. Submit your millennial dilemmas to targetdemopodcast@gmail.com!  

The girls then explore what sort of activities give millennials the will to live -- namely, hobbies they can talk about on social media. Most importantly, they decide Percy is probably a good name for Chloe's new succluent. 

BONUS READS from the pod: 


Episode 12: Millenniemmas

The millennials are so excited about this week's episode they're straight-up making up new words. Alexa and Chloe answer burning questions in this new segment! Have a millennial dilemma? Email us at targetdemopodcast@gmail.com and you may feature in a future episode!

Millenniemma 1: Should you tip your ridesharing driver? Uber says no. Lyft allows you to in the app. The millennials disagree heartily

Millenniemma 2: Is ghosting ok? Probably not, but you can always take some Tylenol to feel better if it happens to you, according to Psychology Today

(Or don't, because it's really a placebo).

Millenniemma 3: What to do if you don't have (refuse to sign up for) Venmo or other payment apps? Tune in to find out!

BONUS ARTICLE: Millennials now have their very own piercing to claim.


Episode 11: Are you there God? It's Alexa and Chloe

In honor of their Passover celebrations, the millennials dig into a slightly more profound topic than usual - the relationship people their age have with religion. It turns out millennials are the least religious generation in America. But for many young adults, it still has significance for their personal and cultural identity. For their human interactions, Alexa is ecstatic to be in her home territory of the Philly suburbs, and Chloe gets into it with a Bernie Bro. New life motto: No time for male insecurity. 

Episode 10: Adult Board Games

The millennials have a rare disagreement over a pretty childish topic - adults playing board games. Love them? Hate them? Whether you're like Chole and live for the bloodbath of Monopoly or like Alexa and just want everyone to get along, you'll enjoy the ride as the two discuss this nostalgic phenomenon. 

Episode 9: THE PIZZA POD

The millennials are VERY excited this week to talk about perhaps the only emotional constant in their young lives: pizza. Tune in for discussions of DC's mixed pizza offerings, why you should pretty much avoid eating any pizza in the state of Ohio, and a very important BuzzFeed quiz

Cliffhanger of the episode: will the millennials' pizza order arrive before they sign off????

BONUS: A recommendation from Chloe for one of the better New York Times trend pieces on millennial life: "What Happens When Millennials Run the Workplace?"

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Episode 8: Spoilers and Surprises

The millennials take down the nation's #1 fear: spoilers. Turns out, not as big of a deal as we all thought. Don't worry, they only give away the ending to "Breaking Bad" and "The Sixth Sense" and "Harry Potter", but if you haven't seen those by now, you didn't really care about them, right? They also discuss surprises in real life, ending of course with some colorful human interactions.

BONUS: Photos from Alexa's human interactions 

Alexa's #flawless coloring skills 

Alexa's #flawless coloring skills 

Phil rides in an old-timey carriage with some special friends (aka lifeless mannequins).

Phil rides in an old-timey carriage with some special friends (aka lifeless mannequins).

Episode 7: Tasty Donuts

The millennials take a dig in - literally - to the world of Internet food videos. They digest Buzzfeed's strategy behind its popular Tasty pages and even make their own Tasty treat: glazed old-fashioned donuts. Tune in for Chloe's clash with hot donut oil. Stay for human interactions we've had this fortnight! 

Pop-Up Pod: Wine O'Clock

The millennials talk about a topic that they can't believe they haven't gotten to yet: wine. They sip their drinks and ask the questions wine-os have been asking for ages, like:

  1. Red or white?
  2. Is ice in wine tacky?
  3. Why do women whine while wining?
  4. Is wine romantic?
  5. What will happen to Matt Bellassai now that Whine About It has popped its last cork? 

Episode 6: #Brands

Finally, Alexa's favorite topic: #brands, or how evil corporations try to sedate the masses (try and guess who wrote this description). 

Puppymonkeybaby is here (you've been warned, it's terrifying)

Ad on opioid-caused constipation is here 

Episode 5: Friendship, snow and Lebanese convenience stores

#Snowzilla brought an unexpected hiatus, but the millennials are back! The recent college graduates talk about what it's like to make and maintain friendships after your dorm days are behind you. In a Target Demo first, they even turn to the advice of real adults. 

Chloe and Alexa dig deep into why Facebook anniversaries and flaky friends are the worst. They end the show with snow-covered human interactions they've had this fortnight. 


The millennials try to do their best Sarah Koenig impression as they explain exactly why there was no episode last Wednesday. Basically: a little something called #Snowzilla happened to Chloe and Alexa about a week ago, and, well, here we are. 

But never fear, because it's just two short days until NEXT Wednesday and a brand-new full-length episode! A teaser: get excited to hear about friendship, Facebook, and why Timehop is perhaps the worst invention of the modern world.

Episode 4: January is the WORST

Chloe and Alexa support their thesis that January is by far the WORST month of the year. From the cold and snow to too much traffic and too few holidays, January is terrible by any measure. To solve this crisis, the millennials invent new holidays to make January less gray. (Happy Burrito Burrito Day, world!) 

Pop-Up Pod: Gift Giving

In the first #popuppod, Chloe and Alexa talk about how they celebrate Christmas. Then, the millennials give gift suggestions for your favorite (or not-so favorite) member of the most entitled generation, and discuss the future in which Amazon's drone army rules us all. 


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